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Divorce and separation involve highly emotional issues. Few matters are as important as questions regarding your children. Who will the child live with? Will you still get to see your children regularly? Will you continue to be meaningfully involved in their lives?

These and many other uncertainties can make the child custody process extremely stressful, particularly in the absence of detailed guidance from an experienced family law attorney.

Unwavering Dedication And One-On-One Attention

In the Northern Virginia area, you can seek experienced counsel from the law office of Ryland & Merchak, PC, in Woodbridge. Our child custody lawyer, Sally Hook Merchak, is a seasoned practitioner with nearly four decades of family law experience. She devotes her career exclusively to the family law field. You can rest assured that she will handle your case with the highest degree of care and attention.

Handling All Aspects Of Custody Determinations

Our firm handles all types of custody cases — from those arising out of divorce or separation to custody disputes between unwed parents and those involving grandparents. Our attorney is also well-versed in the unique custody issues that arise when one parent is a member of the military on active duty.

In addition to handling initial custody proceedings, we represent clients seeking or opposing custody modification, enforcement and relocation requests. We also handle child support issues.

Pursuing An Arrangement To Fits Your Family’s Needs

Custody rarely results in an all-or-nothing outcome. The law recognizes the rights of both parents to meaningful involvement in the lives of their children. The children’s best interests, however, are paramount in any custody decision.

The flexibility and variety of custody options make the process an adaptable one. Shared custody arrangements can be tailored to your circumstances. Our attorney can help you pursue a joint, split or sole custody arrangement that fits the unique situation of your family. In many cases, through mediation and negotiation, we are able to reach a feasible outcome that meets the needs of everyone involved.

We recognize that out-of-court resolutions are not possible in every case. A veteran trial attorney, Sally Merchak always prepares for the possibility of trial. If your case proceeds in that direction, you can feel confident knowing you have a zealous and determined advocate on your side.

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For more information about parental rights, visitation rights and other aspects of child custody, please contact our firm at 703-496-5273 to arrange a confidential consultation. We look forward to meeting you.

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